So you know how I quit blogging? Well Jason didn’t. Check him out over at

- Matt

Goodbye People of the Internet!


Hello people of the Internet,

For the last few weeks I’ve been largely missing from the blogosphere. And has failed to fulfill its promise to bring you things we think are weird and cool and funny on a regular basis. Because of this I am truly sorry. Since February 2010 PtJ has been on the internets in some form or another and blogging fairly regularly. However that is no longer the case. Other projects have taken my time and caused me to neglect this website.

With the last, and most successful, incarnation of the website only several months old I have decided to take a hard look and try and decide whether or not we can keep this going. It’s definitely fun and the feedback has been great. Everyone that follows has a special place in my heart. But my biggest blogging fear is to become a blog that just sits for a few months because it’s owners couldn’t find the time to keep it afloat. And because of that I’ve decided to shut down forever. Not indefinitely as previous cases have been. But for good. I may show my face in the blogging world another day, but it won’t be with

 I’d like to thank Jason Gilbert who has stepped up to become the other, very solid, half of PtJ, and wish him well in his future internets ventures. I’d also like to thank Josh Keown, owner and operator of The Clearly Dope who has been a blogging older brother to our website and has definitely help us along. 

I think the most symbolic ending to this journey would be to leave you with a country cover. Here’s Kenny Rogers singing Sarah McLaughlan’s “I Will Remember You”

  Both Jason and I are still on twitter and can be found @Matthew_Real  and  @JasonGilbert7. Look for us again and keep the twinkle in your eye, internets. 

- Matthew Real


laugh…it’s the only thing i can tell you to do for this. 

She’s lucky she even gets to drink the milk. 

She’s lucky she even gets to drink the milk. 

…cause his names Il…and he’s dead…get it? 

…cause his names Il…and he’s dead…get it? 


Happy Hanukkah!! Yes..even the Ponytail Jesus celebrates Hanukkah! 


PtJ’s 5 Favorite Rarely Played Christmas Songs

So this is definitely the time of year where the radios drag out those same old tired Christmas songs. But some of the better ones rarely get played? Why is that? My vote is conspiracy, or racism. Regardless here are 5 of the Best Rarely Played Christmas Songs. Please Note: Rarely Played is subjective. So if you hear it occasionally and think I’m wrong, just keep it to yourself. 

5.) Julian Casablancas - I Wish It was Christmas Today

This cover of the Jimmy Fallon SNL Christmas song doesn’t have Horatio Sanz or a dancing Tracy Morgan, but what it lacks in SNL members it makes up in The Strokes members. 

4.) The Jackson 5 - Someday At Christmas

There are many versions of this song, the others are great, but this one takes the cake. Particularly because this is the only one to feature a hum-solo from one of the other Jackson 4.

3.) Run-D.M.C - Christmas in Hollis

This one easily makes the list for its music video. Run-D.M.C. had just as much hip-hop genius as they didn’t have music video skills.

2.) The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)

This is close to my heart, and to many others. Holidays mean one thing, family, and family means another thing, fighting. 

1.) The Darkness - Christmas Time (Don’t Let The Bells End)

If I can fit The Darkness on my lists I normally try to do so, but here they’re a perfect fit. This song is rockin’. The video is bangin’. And the brother-brother-wraparound-doublenecked-guitar-solo is wonderfully disturbin’.

That does it for my 5. I hope you enjoyed/discovered some of these. If you have some you think should have made the list, drop the name or link in the ASK BOX. Or, because this is tumblr, you can answer the question if I end this post in a ?

The 3D Bubble



Grandpa Shufflin’

Easily my favorite of the Everyday I’m Shufflin’ remixes on the internet.


Puppy Christmas

Pretty much the cutest thing you’re going to find on the internet. I’m done looking.